Signs Of Cat Love

10 Signs Of Cat Love

1. Head Butting-(‘bunting’), is when a cat is rubbing his scent on you and saying ‘you’re mine.’ 10 Signs Of Cat Love

2. Power Purring: when a cat’s purr is loud, vibrating, and powerful, you know your cat is feeling loved.

3. Kneading when a cat is kneading your lap, especially if drooling at  the same time, it’s a sure sign of love.

4. Licking You when a cat licks and grooms you (often your hair or ears), he is welcoming you as a member of the family and showing his love.

5. Belly Upwhen a cat is asking for a belly rub, is a sign of supreme trust, and a subtle request for love and attention.

 6Tail Twitchinga tail action is a clear indicator of their mood. A cat who holds their tail in the air with the end tip twitching is feeling extremely happy. 10 Signs Of Cat Love

7. Sleeping on You Cats like to feel safe and secure when they are sleeping. If a cat decides to sleep on your lap or right along side you, that’s a huge compliment and you know you’re well-loved and trusted.

8. Slow Blinking – a cat stares at you, then blinks, then open his eyes wide and blinks again. He’s saying “I love you.”

9. Love Bites Not all cats will engage in love bites, but when they do, you’ll know that they think you are really special.                 

10.Giving Gifts  sharing their prey prize with you is the ultimate sign of friendship and love.

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