Cats Need Plenty Of Water

Most of us know that cats need plenty of fresh drinking water every day for optimum health. Water is essential for helping the kidneys flush out toxins from the blood. Water also helps keep other organ tissues hydrated and healthy. Dehydration in cats is dangerous, and if not treated, can lead to death.cats need water

Drinking a good amount of water is vital to a cat’s health. Most people don’t think of water as a nutrient. But considering that water accounts for about two-thirds of a cat’s body weight and serves as the hub of all chemical processes in the body, it’s actually the king of all nutrients.

Water serves many physiological functions: it transports nutrients and oxygen through the blood stream and into the cells, moisturizes the air in the lungs, regulates body temperature, protects and moisturizes the joints and internal organs, and helps eliminate waste products of metabolism through the kidneys and gastrointestinal tract. 

Cats need to have access to fresh water at all times. To ensure the cat is drinking enough water, use a water bowl that is an appropriate size for your cat, maintain a consistent level of water in it. Do not use a big bowl filled with water as a way of only having only fill it every few days because the water will get stale, dirty and contaminated. Best to use a bowl that will hold a day’s water. Every day, wash the bowl with soapy water, thoroughly rinse it and refill with fresh water. Don’t just refill the water bowl without washing it because the water will taste bad and can become contaminated. cats need water

Benefit filling the water bowl daily that it enables you better monitor how much your cat is drinking. Notice a sudden increase or decrease, it can indicate a potential health issue. For example, an increase in water consumption may be a sign of renal failure or diabetes. The sooner you’re alerted to the change in water intake, the sooner your cat will be diagnosed and receive appropriate veterinary care

Tips: Using canned cat food in conjunction with drinking water is a good way to keep your cat hydrated.  Water fountains are a good way to provide your cats’ opportunity to drink plenty of water. Check out product review post 10 Best Cat Water Fountains

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