Happy Healthy Cat Month

Celebrate Happy Healthy Cat Month This September

September is Happy Healthy Cat Month. What’s the best way to celebrate this month? By having a Kitty that is as healthy and happy as is possible! Luckily, cats are easily pleased. It may require some work to keep your feline friend healthy but it is all worth it. Happy, Healthy Cat Month should be year long. However, now is as good a time to make others aware of the effort that needs to be put in for our furry friends.Signs Of Cat Love

Doctor, Doctor…

Happy cats are healthy cats. It is not a good idea to wait until you think your cat might be sick to go to the vet. Cats are a bit elusive about showing pain, an evolutionary throwback from life in the wild. Take Kitty to the veterinarian for check-ups and preventive treatments. Tempt not ticks to torment your ticklish tabby. Even inside cats may have parasite trouble. Learn about practical ways of prevention. If money is a concern, look into health insurance for cats.

Feeding Time

Cats are well known for having a healthy appetite. Meat is their favorite food. A cat diet should be high in protein and low in carbs. All cats are obligate carnivores. A cat needs meat. The food your cat eats should have some kind of meat be first on the ingredient list. There must be no additives, artificial colors or fillers in your cat’s food. Each cat has an original set of nutritional needs. Ask the vet what would be ideal.Specialized Cat Care

You must not overfeed Kitty! Pet parents often make this inimical mistake. They relate food to love and give their cherished pet more food than what’s strictly healthy. With no argument, Kitty quite willingly eats it. The result is a pudgy little pussy with a high risk of diabetes, cancer and arthritis. Make sure Kitty is getting plenty of exercise too.

F is for Felines Who Do Stuff Together

Doubtless, the perfect way to get your cat happy is to let her have fun. Offer her scratching posts and climbing trees. This way, she can have fun without tearing apart your home. Play with her, show her love. Provide her toys that she can stalk and attack.

Learn more ways to help your cat stay healthy and happy? Just take a look at this infographic Healthy Happy Cat Month Infographic

Text and Infographic furnish by Mary Nielsen FelinelLiving.net



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