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It’s hard enough to relocate to an assisted living community from a home. Moving to a community that isn’t Cat-Friendly can make the experience even more overwhelming. That’s why it’s important to consider the needs of you and your cat when making the decision of where to move.

This article will discuss some essential factors to consider in terms of finding a cat-friendly assisted living community, as well as advice for keeping you and your furry friend happy and healthy while you’re there.

Research Cat-Friendly Assisted Living Communities Cat in box moving into Cat-Friendly Assisted Living Apartment

Gone are the days when every assisted living community around has a no-pet policy. Because of the increasingly obvious health benefits that pet ownership brings for seniors, more communities are now allowing pets.  Encouraging many are even encouraging it. This is a gamechanger for seniors across the country.  Pets are known to reduce stress levels, provide companionship, and help you stay safe, comfortable, and active.

Research the assisted living communities in your area and contact them to check their pet policies. You can also use directories to help you locate a cat-friendly community near you. Also, good to research Benefits Risks Pet Assisted Living.

Ask About Cat-Friendly Community Guidelines

When you explore assisted living communities, be sure to clarify what their guidelines are for pets. Many pet-friendly communities have limitations as to what kind of pets are allowed. It’s common for a community to allow cats, other small animals sometimes small to medium dog breeds. Along with checking the assisted living community’s guidelines. Also, make sure the community accommodates a comfortable lifestyle for you and your cat. Perhaps you feel that a new home be better for you now than Assisted Living, and want to checkout other options. Finding Right Home You And Your Cat

Fostering Your Cat’s Well-Being

Make It Convenient to Care for Your Cat    Senior friends at Cat-Friendly Assisted Living with a White Kitte

When it comes to caring for your pet, why not make it as easy as possible? The more convenient it is, the easier it will be to keep your pet in good health on a daily basis. An automatic cat feeder can ensure that your cat eats the right amount of food each day, and you don’t even have to remember to feed them.

Sifting litter boxes can take the mess out of cleaning up after your cat. When choosing from the many sifting litter boxes on the market, be sure to consider quality, user-friendliness and customer reviews, and find one that fits your budget.

Groom Your Cat Regularly

Another part of taking care of your cat is to groom them on a regular basis. If your feline has short hair, brush them once a week.  Furthermore, if they have long hair, shoot for once a day. Brushing helps to keep your cat’s hair healthy by removing tangles and dirt and distributing natural oils throughout their coat. Also, it’s important to clip your cat’s nails when they start to get too long. Nail trimming will help keep them comfortable, but it will also help them from tracking in less dirt. Furthermore, the occasional bath can help keep your cat healthy and happy.

Locating Cat-Friendly Assisting Living Community Bathroom at Cat Friendly Assisted Living place.

These days, it’s easier than ever to find a pet-friendly assisted living community. Be sure to research online and discuss pet policies and guidelines with any community you’re considering. Also, look for products that make it easy for you to care for your pet, and make sure it stays well-groomed. Moving to an assisted living community can be challenging as it is, so don’t make it even more difficult by going somewhere that doesn’t welcome your furry companion!

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