COVID -19 Cat Care

COVID-19 Cat Care gets complicated when your best friend COVID-19 test Cat Care Covid-19 comes back positive. After self-isolation, their illness progresses to the point where they require a hospital stay. You now have the responsibility to care for their home and need to decide what to do with their cats. An option to consider for COVID-19 Cat Care is dropping them off with a family member. Another option let them stay in comfort in their own home with a  Professional Pet Sitter.

COVID-19 Cat Care Budget Tips

COVID – 19 Cat Care EssentialsCovid-19 Cat Care

Do cats need food or other supplies that need to be dropped off? If so, your safest and least stressful option may be to use stores free shipping. When you shop online, sites like Rakuten offer free shipping discounts. They also have promotions to help save on all your pet essentials. An added benefit of ordering your cat essentials online is that pet supply stores offer repeat delivery services. You can set up repeat deliveries for food, medications, and treats.  This way you will not have to stress about your cats running out while pet parents are away.  Just change the delivery address to your pet’s caretaker and you are all set. Ordering online is a smart move if you even suspect that you have been exposed to COVID-19. This is especially true since asymptomatic carriers can be just as contagious as those who feel sick.

Ways to Save Covid-19 Cat Care SuppliesCuddly Cat right pet for senior lady

Cats caregiver or pet parent may ensure cats have the supplies needed to stay healthy by picking up gift cards. Most online pet retailers allow you to purchase gift cards that can be shipped to a caretaker’s house. The caregiver is looking to save, they can also check out discount gift card sites. You can save anywhere from 15 to 35 percent or more by purchasing gift cards from these sites. Gift cards are not practical, you could use cash transfer apps, like Venmo to send money.

Wash and Thoroughly Disinfect All Pet Supplies

Ordering food and treats online can be a safe way to restock pet essentials. If you are dropping your pet off with a family member or using a pet sitter, you may also need to bring over a few supplies. I believe it may not make sense to go out and buy a new cat carrier trying to keep expenses low. Before you drop off these supplies at a family member’s house, you should make sure everything has been properly cleaned and disinfected. Wipe down any hard surfaces with a disinfectant and wash any blankets or fabrics in hot water. If you need to pick up additional cleaning supplies and disinfectants,  also use Rakuten offers and discounts to save.

Consider Purchasing Pet Insurance CoverageSenior Lady Assited Living with Cat

While most vet clinics are considered essential businesses and should be open while you seek care, the costs of these visits can be difficult to manage if pet parents on a tight budget. If you are concerned about being able to cover these vet care costs, they should research pet insurance options. For just $20 per month, you can get coverage for vet emergencies, but you may still need to pay out of pocket until you are reimbursed. Pet insurance can also be more expensive for older animals. If pet insurance is not a viable option for your pet or budget, you will need an alternate way to pay for potential emergencies, such as a low-interest credit card.



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