First Time Cat Owners

Adopting As A First-Time Cat Owner

Preparing to adopt as a first-time cat owner? As a first-time cat owner, it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of it all without really knowing how to care for a furry friend. There is a lot more than cuddling on the couch! Taking the time to learn about pet ownership will ensure your adoption is as stress-free as possible, both for you and your new companion. Check out the following tips so you can avoid the most common mistakes made by first-time cat owners.

First-Time Cat Owner Needs To Prepare

Cats at Home - Blog First Time Cat OwnerOne of the biggest mistakes you can make adopting a first-time cat owner, doing so too quickly. Spend time researching type and breed that will suit your lifestyle and home. As you research different cats, carefully consider their size, energy levels, temperament, exercise needs, care costs, training abilities, diet requirements, and grooming demands. You can always talk to a veterinarian if you need more help deciding on the perfect cat for your family

Once you decide on the cat to adopt, get your home ready. Gather all the supplies you will need to care for your kitty, including food and water bowls, a collar, and grooming items. If you are adopting a cat, remember to pick up a scratching post, a great cat bed for sleeping, and a litter tray—you can even get self-cleaning litter boxes to make your life easier!


Provide an Adjustment Period First Time Cat Owner holding kitty

When you first bring your new cat home, they will need time to adjust to their new environment. Avoid overwhelming your kitty with a lot of people, noises, or demands. The Animal Humane Society recommends giving your cat space to explore your home at their own pace

A pet sitter will ensure your cat gets the personalized care they need while you’re away. Which can settle any concerns you may have about leaving your new companion alone in your home. Before you settle on a pet sitter, be sure to handle a few interviews and have some questions prepared.

Visit the VetCleaning Check Cats' Ears

Some pet owners only take their cats to the vet when they get sick, but our pets need regular veterinarian visits to maintain their long-term health. Take your cat to the vet as soon as possible after bringing him home. During your first visit, your veterinarian will assess the health of your kitty and discuss any treatments they recommend for preventing potential health issues that may be common among the particular breed. Be sure to ask your vet any questions you have about caring for the health of your furry friend. Importantly, make sure you understand how to look after your cat’s teeth and oral health!


If you are new to pet ownership, you are in for a treat! Living with a cat is incredibly rewarding. Whether feline is very active or a laid-back cat to keep your lap warm on the couch, your kitty is sure to bring joy and happiness to your life. Take it slow and make the proper preparations to ensure your very first adoption is a success!



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