5 Popular Cat Products We Shouldn’t Live Without

Our cats deserve so much for all that we put them through. Cats deal with a lot, so show your cat that their patience is appreciated. These  5 cat products are ones Cat Lovers shouldn’t live without.

CBD Oil For PetsCat stroke Cat Products

CBD for pets is the perfect cat product for calming those kitty nerves. Give them a few drops during a thunderstorm and watch the long-lasting effects kick in. CBD works similarly to prescription pet anxiety medications but without those drowsy, debilitating side effects. CBD oil will leave your cat feeling relaxed and calm.

The oil is also a great fit if your cat experiences social anxiety. While a few drops won’t change your cat’s temperament into that of a dog, it’ll help ease their nerves for any feline hangout.

Needed Cat Products – ID Tags

Whether your cat stays strictly indoors or likes to wander in nature, a collar ID tag should always hang around their neck. Unfortunately, cats can’t speak the same way as humans do. If they get lost without a collar, they face a much more difficult path to getting home safe. Think of the times you’ve found a stray animal without a collar, knowing that they have a home. However, you have no way to get them there. We all agree it’s best to avoid this situation if possible and a simple tag makes it that much easier. With these customizable collar tags, you can strap all the necessary information around their neck to bring your cat home safe in case they get lost.

Exercise EquipmentExercise Wheel Cat Products

We all love our cats so when they give us those big hungry eyes, we can’t help but give them a little extra food. No harm in that, but soon enough that little extra handful of food turns into a whole extra meal. If you’re not careful, that whole extra meal will turn into two.

Fight feline obesity with easy-to-use exercise equipment. While your cat might be a little unsure at first, they’ll grow to love workout time. A few minutes at a time throughout the day can really make a difference and even though your cat can’t thank you, they’ll show their appreciation by how much they use it. We love cats of all sizes, but don’t let their weight become a health concern. Look out for your cat like your cat looks out for you.

Valuable Cat Products – Scratch Post

Cat using scratching postMost cat owners probably have at least one scratch post for their furry friends, but in case you don’t, make that a top priority because your cat desperately wants one. Chances are if you don’t already have a scratch post for your cat, your furniture is in tatters from being used as one. Cats need to scratch for many reasons:

  • Cats have scent glands in their paws so when they scratch an object, they leave a territorial message for other cats.
  • The visual marks left on objects by scratching shows other animals that the territory is marked.
  • Scratching helps remove the outer layer from a cat’s nails. It’s a natural grooming behavior.
  • Cats scratch to stretch their claws, feet, and bodies, which keeps them healthy.
  • Cats scratch to release stress or excitement or to decompress.

Getting a scratch post for your cat will not only help them feel more at home and comfortable, but it’ll also help your home be less of a cat-astrophe.

Popular Cat Products – Cat Tree CFat Products Cat Tree

Who doesn’t love a good cat tree? These multi-leveled cat homes are a great addition to any cat family. Cats love having their own space. Think of them like teenagers; they need a place to get away from all the daily commotion of life. A place where they can decompress and unwind and cat trees give them just that.

Cat trees come in many different shapes and different sizes. Most cat trees have secluded and enclosed tiny spaces for your cats’ comfort; cats love to perch above ground and rest in little cubby holes. A lot of cat trees also come with little dangling toys for your cat’s entertainment–a small but necessary addition to your cat’s playtime, especially when you’re out of the house. Most, if not all, cat trees come with scratching posts, solving the earlier mentioned cat scratching concern. Every cat has different needs so choose your cat tree accordingly.

If you’re handy, cat trees are easily built with wood and cloth! A little goes a long way and will truly make your cat a happy animal.

Bonus Cat Products – Custom Climbing ShelvesCats on wall shelves

If you have the space for it, we recommend that you treat your cat with wall-mounted shelves. Like a cat tree, these elaborate hideouts give your cat an elevated place to climb, chill and enjoy their separate territory. Climbing is hardwired into cat brains; they can’t help but like to be off the ground. In the wild, cats would perch on trees, hunting from a high vantage point. While they no longer need to hunt for survival, that instinct is still deeply rooted inside of them. Mounted wall shelves provide an outlet for your cat’s excess energy while allowing them to return to their basic predatory instincts. Don’t worry about the height; if your cat loses its balance and falls, we have a feeling it’ll land on its feet.

We know that your pet is more than just a pet, they’re a part of your family. So treat them, and yourself, to these cat products. When away provide them the best possible care.





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