Keep Cat Safe and Warm During Winter

Anyone who has or loves cats knows that these fur babies love warmth. If there is a warm spot, even a tiny one, a cat will find it. Whether it’s a windowsill, a sun-puddle on your floor, or a pile of warm laundry. Felines love the comfort and feel most comfortable when warm. That’s why you need to give your cat some extra attention during winter. While their fur can keep them warm, that’s not enough. You need to make sure your furry friend feels comfortable at all times. Therefore, the following tips are on how to keep your cat safe and happy during winter!

How to keep your cat warm and happy during winter?

Cozy warm cat on bed

Cats love warmth, so make sure to keep them cozy

A warm kitty is a happy kitty. Therefore, you need to do everything in your power to keep your cat safe and happy during winter. Since cats are wanderers, they might run outside unexpectedly or trap themselves in the cold area of your home. The first thing you need to do is always keep your cat inside. This way, you’ll know your kitty is comfortable. Here are some other ways to keep your fur baby warm:

  • Make a warm relaxation spot in a heated room. You can place a cozy blanket, towel, or a cat bed and a few of their favorite toys there.
  • If you have a senior fur baby who has arthritis, consider purchasing a pet bed meant to relieve hurting joints, which may be especially bothersome during the winter months.
  • Check if your heating system is in good working order, especially if you’ll be leaving your cat home alone for an extended period.
  • Keep your fur baby as active as possible. You can play around the house, make them hunt mice toys, or make obstacles out of paper bags or cardboard boxes.


How to keep your cat warm and safe during winter?

A cat in a woven basket

Keeping your cat safe during the winter should be your number one priority

Winter can be as harsh for cats as it is for other animals. It’s not just the low temperature but the whole environment. There are unprotected heaters, icy floors, less food, icicles, and fewer sunny spots. Therefore, it’s not safe for your furry friend to be out in the cold or an unprotected room. Here is how you can keep your cat safe and happy during winter.

A healthy diet is a must

good cat’s diet will aid in the maintenance of a thick coat, develop a robust immune system, and prevent typical winter conditions such as upper respiratory infections.

Additionally, increase your cat’s food intake. In the winter, cats require extra food since staying warm consumes more calories than remaining cool. To support the increased demand for calories, include a few nutritious, high-calorie snacks or feed her a can of wet food.

Visit your vet regularly Cat exam Lady Vet

Taking your cat to the vet is vital, especially in cold weather. Regular check-ups will help you keep your cat safe and happy during winter. For example, a cat’s skin can get extremely dry in the wintertime. Dry skin might seem red, rough, and flaky. Your cat may bite or scratch it if it’s irritating, creating sores and scabbing. If you notice any of this on your cat, make sure to visit the vet. You can also consult your veterinarian about using omega-3 fatty acids to maintain your cat’s skin and fur healthy. Even if your veterinarian’s dose instructions differ from those on the product label, make sure you follow them strictly. Some products have high-dose instructions, which may create problems for your cat.

Additionally, if you plan on moving long-distance with pets over winter, you need to visit your vet before the relocation day comes. Except for pulling up your cat’s health records, you need to make sure your kitty is safe and healthy enough for the relocation. So, if you want to handle a long relocation like a pro and without any troubles, you’ll have to consult with the vet first.

Keep Warm But away from unprotected heaters or open flames

Cat near warm christmas lights

Cats love warmth, so make sure they are safe next to heaters or fireplaces

Since cats enjoy curling up by the heat, you need to be extra careful. Thankfully, not all space heaters are dangerous to your cat. Look for those with cool-to-the-touch hidden heating components. In addition, electric heaters are preferable to natural gas heaters since the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning isn’t worth it for you or your pet.

Additionally, if you’re a fan of burning scented candles, make sure to keep them out of paws’ reach. If your cat gets too close, it might get burnt or knock them over and create a fire. The same goes for a fireplace if you have one.

Put away winter chemicals 

We use all types of chemicals during winter for house maintenance. For example, we need antifreeze to keep our cars running in cold weather. In addition, we use all sorts of products for melting ice. All these products are full of toxic chemicals. That’s why you need to hide them and store them carefully away from your cat. In addition, make sure to immediately clean and wash any spills as cats like to lick everything.

Hydrate them properly

If you thought dehydration was only a summer concern, you are far from the truth. Dry winter air can increase dehydration just as much as warm weather. Therefore, you need to make sure your kitty has easy access to water all day.

Secure all exits

We already mentioned that cats are wanderers. It’s normal for them to try and escape outside every once in a while, even during winter. That’s why you need to make sure every exit and entrance in your home is properly secured. If you’ve replaced screens with storm windows, for example, ensure they’re firmly attached so your cat can’t force them open and escape

Final thoughts 

Yes, fur babies require some extra care and love in the wintertime. That’s why you’ll have to invest more effort if you want to keep your cat safe and happy during winter. However, it’s not that hard to be successful in this. All you need is a few additional blankets, a warm bed, a protected heater, and lots of healthy food. Some extra-long cuddles won’t hurt anybody either. This extra care is nothing more than a treat for both you and your kitten. Enjoy!




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