Gaining Cats Trust

The Secret to Gaining Cats Trust

Cats are one of the most popular household pets all over the world. They can be considered as one of the most self-reliant domesticated animals out there. Cats are extremely independent and easy to take care of. But aside from their easy-going attitude and generally quiet and peaceful dispositions, cats also make for affectionate pets. Not only do they command your attention but will also enjoy your company.

However, in some instances, some cats may be a bit aloof, timid, and maybe fierce if they’re not accustomed to human interactions. Also, if they’re dealing with a new environment and owners. This is often observed in feral cats or kittens who’ve just been adopted from trusted cat breeders and shelters. If you’re trying to win over a cat or kitten, here are a few techniques and tips you can do to gain a cat’s trust slowly and surely:

Avoid making any noise or any startling sounds around cats

Shelter cats under blanket

Cats are extremely sensitive to loud noises and sounds, which will startle them and cause them to hide or avoid any contact with you. If you’re trying to make a cat trust you, make sure that you avoid making any startling noises. Do not use fireworks, sparklers, or appliances that cause loud sounds when being operated.

Cats a safe space or a haven where no one can bother them

Cats thrive in environments where they know they are safe. To give a newly adopted kitten or a cat you’re trying to befriend a safe space, consider allocating a part of your home. Also, work with a small compartment where they will not be disturbed. This space should be away from your home’s usual foot traffic and far from any other curious pet. Let them emerge from their safe haven when they are ready and do not force them to go out.

Provide Cats food and waterBlack & White Cat eating

Cats, regardless of their age, require a certain amount of nutrients to stay healthy. Leave food and water out for them in their space and let them decide when they want to eat. If you’re dealing with a feral cat, leave food and water out at a safe distance from your home. Regularly refill their container so that they can come and go when they’re hungry or thirsty.

Once they’ve started to eat regularly from your bowl, cautiously approach them while keeping a distance. This will help them acclimate themselves to being around you. Eventually, they might try to approach you or rub their body on your legs.

Don’t force or pressure cats to do something they don’t want to do

While you may want to pet a cat or try to cuddle with them as soon as possible, this would be counterproductive to your efforts of gaining their trust. The one thing that you should know about befriending a cat is that you want to do things at their own pace. Let them decide when they want to be petted or when they want to interact with you. If you approach them and they react adversely, back up and give them their needed space.

Talk to them in a calm and soft voice Pets Child with Cat

When you’re addressing them or if you’re talking to them, use a calm and soothing voice to avoid startling them or making them anxious and frightened. Avoid shouting at them if ever they misbehave because chances are they won’t know what you’re shouting at them about. It will only further scare them and make trust all the harder for you to gain.

Understand how to handle catspet cat with boy & girl

Most cats don’t enjoy being petted the same way as dogs do. For many people who are accustomed to handling dogs, they can be surprised when they reach out to rub a cat’s belly and the cat reacts violently towards them. Most cats feel uncomfortable being petted in their body unless they trust you already. If you’re getting to know a cat, only touch them on their head, behind their ears, and under their chin. You’ll see a huge difference in how they respond.


Whether you’re a new kitty owner, introducing an outdoor cat to a new home, or a pet professional looking to get a cat to pose for a pet portrait, following these tips can help you gain any cat’s trust and start to feel comfortable around you.



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