Should Use Friends For Cat Sitting?

Pros and Cons of Relying on Friends for Cat Sitting

With the vacation season in full swing, one needs to think about their little furry friends and the way they’ll spend the holidays, too. If you’re not planning to bring your cat along, you’ll need to find a pet sitter. Of course, one could immediately get the idea to call up some friends and see if they can handle the task. However, that kind of action has its own advantages and disadvantages. In the article you’re about to read, we’ll show you all the pros and cons of relying on your friends for cat sitting. Just so you can make the best decision and enjoy your vacation knowing that your cat’s in good company.

Pros relying on friends for cat sitting

Let’s start this one off on the bright side and talk about the pros of relying on friends for cat sitting. Okay, so why exactly would this be a good idea?

Your cat may be familiar with your buddies

An orange cat enjoying herself on the floor with friends.

We think your friends “made friends” with your cat a while ago. There won’t be a need for a “let’s get to know each other” period since your cat probably has some sense of who they are. Both you and your pet cat will be satisfied—you’ll both know that you’ve put your trust in a person that’s “been around.” They say that a familiar face can greatly reduce the separation anxiety many pet cats feel once their owners aren’t near. Of course, that doesn’t mean that they’re not going to miss you. All in all, it’s important that your pet cat knows the sitter and feels comfortable around that person.

Using friends may reduce costs

Now, this has nothing to do with the way your pet cat will feel. We’ll focus on the way your wallet feels in your pocket. By avoiding hiring a professional pet sitter, you’ll save some money since you probably won’t have to pay your friends. However, some folks suggest you should still pay them about 60-70% of the professional cat sitter’s rate. Whatever you choose—you’ll still cut costs greatly.

You’ll feel better using friends

By asking your friends to look after your pet cat while you’re away, you’ll reduce the stress most folks feel once they leave their furry buddies in the hands of a professional. Professionals are professionals for a good reason; there’s no way you can deny that. Still, a cat owner can’t help but feel troublesome about leaving their cat with someone they don’t know. That’s why you’ll feel a lot better if you leave your pet cat at your friend’s place (or make them move to yours).

You can always contact them for updates

Friend giving cat care updates

You can call up your friends at any hour to check if your cat’s doing alright

The last thing on our list of all the pros of relying on friends for cat sitting is concerned with getting updates regularly (or even more than regularly). Now, we’re not saying you can’t inquire about the “status” of your pet cats with a professional you might hire. We’re just pointing out that you’ll feel a lot better bugging your friend 24/7 about what your little buddy has done during the day or whether or not your cat has been showing signs of a broken heart since you hit the road.

Cons relying on friends for cat sitting

Okay, so now that we’ve gone through the pros, it’s time to consider the cons of relying on friends for cat sitting. So what could be so wrong with putting your cat’s well-being into your friend’s arms?

Friends got their own responsibilities

Even though we like to think that our friends have all the time in the world for us. (besides, of course, thinking that our schedules are definitely the busiest), They’ve got their own responsibilities. Before asking them to take care of our little pet buddies while we’re away, it’s important that we ask certain questions. For instance, you’ll need to decide whether your pet cat will stay home or move to their place. Now, if you choose to relocate your cat for the duration of your vacation, make sure you set up a suitable space while helping a cat adjust to a new home. That way, you’ll make the adjustment process easier and save some of your friend’s time they’d otherwise spend trying to talk your cat into cooperation.

Friends are not Professional Cat SitterKelly Pet Sitter holding Tabby Cat

Another disadvantage of leaving your cat with your friends is that they’re not professional (unless, of course, they do make a living out of cat-sitting). Even though cats aren’t so needy as dogs, knowing the soul of cats is definitely what makes professionals a safer option. Imagine your little pet cat eats something that they’re not supposed to just because your friend didn’t take into consideration that cats shouldn’t eat this or that. That would never happen to a professional.

Friends mightn’t be familiar with your cat’s habits

Okay, so the last item on the list of cons of relying on your friends for cat sitting is associated with certain habits that your pet cat nurtures. For instance, do your friends know that your cat likes to wake you up by licking your face at 5 AM? Also, are they familiar with the fact you haven’t got any piece of furniture inside your home that your cat hasn’t “tagged”? If you’re relocating your pet cat to their place, that is. A friend might accept your offer, but the consequences of the whole pet sitting process might turn out to be quite messy. Needless to say, it can do some harm to your friendship. Therefore, your best bet might be to call up a professional.

Final wordsGrey Cat looking at friends

Okay, folks, that’s it on the discussion about the pros and cons of relying on your friends for cat sitting. Hopefully, you’ve had some fun reading this one, as well as learning some new info that will come quite in handy once the vacation season hits. Whatever you choose—we’re sure your little furry buddies won’t mind so much, so try not to worry!







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