Train Cats Be Calm Around Dogs

Tips to train Cats to be Calm around Dogs

Are cats and dogs naturally hostile to each other? That is a common perception! Whether it’s their temperament or something innate, dogs and cats often appear to be at opposite ends of the spectrum. However, this does not mean that they cannot coexist peacefully. Numerous studies have shown that dogs and cats can form a close bond.

To successfully introduce a new pet to a resident pet, it’s important to have realistic expectations. Cats differ in their level of socialization and abilities. Dogs and cats should be introduced very slowly as cats are territorial animals. Taking this step allows them to familiarize themselves with one another before they engage in a face-to-face exchange. This also helps prevent behavior problems such as aggression and fear.

Here are some methods by which you can train your cat to remain calm when there are dogs around. Let’s get started.

1. Cats Be Confined in Specific AreaCats Orange and Grey Cat sleeping together

You should make sure your cat has their own space in your home. Your pets will need this space to establish a friendship with one another for the first time. In addition, it will remain a refuge where they can enjoy escapism when they need to take a break.

Living in a small space does not mean your dog must have limited space to roam. You can utilize the vertical space inside your house when you have a cat tree or newly installed shelving, as cats are natural climbers.

2. Dogs and Cats Exchange ScentsDogs Cat sAbandoned Pets Cat and Dog together

Dogs and cats use their sense of smell to assess their surroundings, while humans rely primarily on their vision. The process of recognizing and accepting the smell of each other is crucial if you want your cat and dog to get along with each other.

For them to become familiar with each other’s smell faster, you can employ a few tried and tested ideas. Swap the bedding between the two animals or use a towel from your dog for the cat.

By using these tricks, you will hopefully be able to get your cat used to your dog’s scent soon. You can even visit a Dog Daycare in Nashville to learn and find out more about introducing dogs and cats to each other by exchanging their scents.

3.  Don’t Rush Things

Within a few hours, you may be able to make friends with your cat and dog. Usually, however, this will not occur. A dog must learn how to behave around cats, just as cats must adapt to dogs. Your cat and dog will get along eventually if you are patient. This will take some time. Sometimes it also depends on the type of breed of a cat or dog and how well they get along with each other. For example, bulldogs are well-known for getting along with cats easily.

4.  Developing DesensitizationCta and dog outdoors together

To desensitize your cat to the presence of your dog, you will have to continue to expose him to it continuously. Some cats become afraid of dogs the first time they see them. A dog that reacts overly will sometimes attack your cat as well because of their overreaction.  If this happens, your cat and dog will have a hard time getting along.

You can use a baby gate to separate your dog and cat while allowing them to still see and smell each other. Do this for a few weeks, so that the cat and dog become used to each other’s smell without hurting each other. It is highly recommended that you divert your cat’s attention if you observe that it is too focused on the dog. You can use a cat training toy.. Your cat will eventually cease to be interested in the dog by means of desensitization. Over time, your cat will no longer overreact to the dog’s presence because it has become accustomed to it.

5.  Allow Your Cat to GoCats scared dogs Vocal

You should not be bothered if you notice that your cat runs away when meeting your dog. In this case, your cat is not ready to socialize with a new dog. You should give your cat some time to adjust. Please do not attempt to force your cat and dog into having an interaction with each other over the phone as this may lead to a worse outcome


6. Take Time withdog cat eating together  Introductions

If you and your cat and dog are meeting in person, it is imperative that you proceed slowly. A first impression matters, just as it does for humans. Moreover, food can play a significant role in ensuring that the first impression is a successful one.

You should meet your pets during mealtimes. If you’re feeding your pets for the first time, place a closed door between you and them. This will prevent them from being able to see each other but they will still be able to smell one another. Then they will remember the food as tasty and the new friend as friendly. If nothing changes after a couple of days to a couple of weeks, continue this for as long as necessary. One of the easiest ways to deal with this is to keep your dog on a leash while helping your cat eat in the same room. The two of them should eventually be able to cohabit harmoniously, as you will be able to remove all barriers between them.

7. Be Careful Not to Yell at Cats 

The human response to a situation in which they need to stop is to yell. While this might be effective for your dog, it will not work for your cat. Most animal experts claim cats are incapable of responding to negative stimuli. You can calm an overreactive cat by taking it away from a dog when if they see one.

Final Ideas Training Cats Be Young Dog and Cat outsideCalm Around Dogs

Each animal, including humans, has its personality traits and ways of doing things. Some animals, like humans, tend to be more social and more laid back than others. There are also those animals who prefer to be alone on their terms. It is imperative not to force anything onto animals, or to give up on any of them.








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