Prepare Children Welcome Adopted Cat

How to Prepare Children for Welcoming an Adopted Cat

Before introducing a pet to a home, it’s essential to have a conversation with kids. While pets are fun to be around, they are still living beings that ask for a certain level of care. That’s why you should prepare your kids for welcoming an adopted cat on time. That means you should educate them on pet care and tech and how to behave around a newly-adopted cat yet to accept all household members.

Teach children how to take care of a cat

Having a pet can be a perfect opportunity to instill a sense of responsibility in your children. So, gather them for a mini-class on pet care. Emphasize that owning a cat entails more than just playtime. If the kids are to have a pet cat, they also must know how to take care of it.

Mentor helping you prepare children for welcoming an adopted cat

Prepare children for welcoming an adopted cat through visual presentations

Make a simple and understandable PowerPoint presentation in the following order:

  1. Cat habits (sleeping, eating, etc.)
  2. Cat body language (the kids must learn to recognize when to leave a cat alone)
  3. Cat food
  4. Cat props
  5. Ways to entertain a cat indoors
  6. Healthcare
  7. Grooming

Go over each point to ensure the kids understand what owning a cat involves.

Ask them to help you clean

If the kids are old enough to make their bed and help you with chores, they can also help you prepare the home before bringing a cat. If you decide to make a playground for cats, involve kids in decision-making. Let them choose the type and color of a playground and where to install it.

Educate children on cat training

If you’re adopting a kitten, it’ll be easier to train. The older cat, however, will require more effort. Nevertheless, educating your kids and yourself about cat training is handy. Make a cat schedule and delegate responsibilities

Make a cat schedule and delegate responsibilities

Create a unique cat schedule and display it on a fridge or any other visible spot. It must contain feeding times, grooming, healthcare, etc. Let the kids know what to pay attention to. Over time, they will learn the cat’s habits and its rhythm. Everyone in the house must be responsible for the cat, including the kids. Therefore, teach them how to remove litter, brush the cat gently, give it medicine, when and how much to feed the cat, and so on.


ginger cat on a skateboard

Remind children to be patient when playing with a newly adopted cat.

Remind them they must be patient with a cat

Usually, when a pet arrives in a family, the kids are super excited. However, this can frighten the cat or make it nervous. To avoid possible scratches and unpleasant scenarios, warn kids to be patient. The cat needs as much space and time to adapt as possible. Playing pranks on a cat to get used to a home will be counterproductive.

Ask children to help you pet-proof the home

When kids learn to take care of a pet early on, they are more likely to be responsible for their pet later in life. So, they need to know how to properly pet-proof a home and make living easier for themselves and their cat.

Explain the difference between a regular and pet-friendly carpet. For instance, cat hair from a pet-friendly carpet is easier to pick up. Furthermore, you must keep only pet-friendly indoor plants. If the kids ask for specific flowers, explain why it’s not a good idea. Cats love to scratch and nibble on leaves and flowers. If they bite, for example, oleander, chances are they will suffer from poisoning. Show them many indoor, non-toxic plants that are just as beautiful and decorative. Next, remind the kids to cover the furniture and beds in their bedroom with a protective, pet-friendly cover whenever the cat is inside.

Reasons why pet owners benefit from storage rental

You must wonder: “What does a storage unit has to do with having a pet?”. The benefits of having a unit can make you consider renting one:

  • If you wish to renovate a home before adopting a cat, you’ll need a safe storage space for your stuff. Fortunately, there’s a plethora of temperature-controlled storage solutions that come in different sizes.
  • While preparing a home for your pet, you might notice that your place is much more cluttered than you think. The solution is to declutter it by placing extra items in the storage. You’ll create more room for your family and a cat.

Should you adopt another pet cat in the future?

black cat cuddling with a little girl

The cat will get comfortable and begin to trust you if you’re patient.

Cats are also living beings with distinctive personalities. Although being considered entirely independent, they can still get lonely. Adopting another cat sometime in the future might be a great idea. Studies show that pets living with another pet indoors are happier and live a longer life span. But first, prepare your kids for welcoming an adopted cat, and teach them to take care of it correctly. When you introduce another cat to the household, kids will be prepared.

Inquire about cat-sitting services

Chances are your kids will ask you what to do with a cat if you decide to go on a vacation. So, make sure to familiarize them with cat-sitting services. If you haven’t heard about this, you’ll be glad to know some people are legitimate cat-sitters. They are at your disposal whenever you need someone professional. Pro cat sitters are reliable and skilled to take care of your pet cat, meeting its needs while you are away.


Once you prepare children for welcoming an adopted cat, you can expect the animal to adjust quickly to the new environment. Everyone must give the cat enough space and time to begin to trust each of you. In the meantime, make sure a cat has all its needs met. As the days go by, the cat will start to feel at home and befriend you all!



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