Importance of Cat Playtime

The Importance of Playtime for Cats

Most pet parents love their pets immensely, but the way they talk about them couldn’t be more different. Dog owners always talk about how their pet wants attention and follow them everywhere. On the other hand, cat owners praise their pets for being so independent and low maintenance. It is true that in comparison to dogs, cats require a lot less effort from their owners. However, that doesn’t mean cats should always be left to their own devices. In addition to the regular everyday tasks, being a good cat owner, you will need to play with your cat. Playtime for cats is vital, and in this article, we will explain why.

Playtime for cats helps their health

During playtime cat playing with mouse.

Playtime for cats is essential to keeping them healthy

The most crucial reason why playtime for cats is so important is their health. A playful kitty is a healthy kitty. When your cat shows signs of playfulness, it is a good indicator that everything is right with her health-wise. Likely she is not in any pain due to illness. Of course, you can never be sure until you go to the vet, but it is a good sign. Playing with your cat helps keep her physically fit and is an excellent tool for fighting obesity in cats. House cats often have a problem with obesity, especially after they get spayed. You need to engage in at least an hour of play with your cats daily to keep them healthy and happy.

It relaxes them

Playtime also has a pleasant calming effect on cats. You probably noticed how she is very calm and content after you had a fun playtime session with your cat. This is because playing helps them release stress and puts them in a good state of mind. Cats can get stressed out sometimes, and showing them love and playing really help them. Knowing something potentially stressful for your cat will happen soon, take time to play with them.

Strangers coming over and your cat doesn’t tolerate them. Play with your cat at least half an hour before they arrive, easing the tension once they arrive. Moving with pets you will want to keep your cat safe and relaxed on a moving day. Make sure you stick to your routine and do not miss playtime, as that can really throw them off and stress them out.

Keeps their mind sharp

An orange cat looking focused ready for playtime

Playtime helps to keep cats’ minds sharp and active

Cats are among the most intelligent in the animal kingdom. They need to be engaged to keep their minds sharp. Do not leave cats to nap and lounge all day. Otherwise, they will get “rusty” after a while. The older your cat gets, the more important it is to keep its body active and mind sharp. Luckily if you play with them daily, you can turn this around. Just an hour of playtime every day can do a lot of good. But it’s important to engage in play that stimulates their brains. Many interactive and stimulating cat toys to help you. These toys are designed to make your cats use their problem-solving skills

Playtime can improve behavior

If you noticed that your cat has some behavioral issues, that probably has something to do with a lack of playtime. A cat scratching your furniture and destroying your drapes is probably seeking attention. Your cat is trying to get your attention and make you engage with her. You will notice that once you start regularly playing with your cat, its behavior will vastly improve. Cats often act out of boredom and because they are feeling neglected. This will not only make your cat happy, it will also save your furniture. A lot of cat experts agree that playing should be a part of every cat’s life and is an excellent way to avoid behavioral issues.

Playtime builds your relationship

: A woman holding her cat

Playtime strengthens your bond with your pet.

Cats are independent, as we said, but they are still pets and need to feel we love them. They may not be affectionate like dogs, who are loud and jump all over you, but cats show affection in their own unique way. Playtime is a great way to strengthen your bond and show appreciation. Your cat will associate good feelings with you because you are playing with her. It shows your cat that you care about her and are putting in an effort to make her happy. You will notice that your cat will come and sit on your lap much more often when you start having playtime regularly.

In conclusion

Cats need to be cared for and loved regardless of their independence. Playtime is essential to having a happy, healthy pet. You need to play with your cats to help save them from obesity. Play helps cats relax and prepare for potentially stressful situations. Your set-aside playtime also keeps your cat’s mind stay sharp and stimulated. Cat behavioral issues can be vastly improved when you play with them. During your playtime with cats, you build a strong bond with your cat. It’s a show of affection between you and your cat.








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