Tips Choosing Right Cat Sitter During A Move

When moving to a new home as a cat owner, your cat’s comfort should be a top priority. Cats often hide their stress, making it crucial to provide them with tender loving care during this transition. That’s why choosing the right cat sitter can make all the difference. A good sitter ensures your pet feels safe and loved, even when everything around them is changing.

What Are Your Cat’s Needs?

Picture of a cat that is hiding.

Choosing the right cat sitter will help your cat ease their anxiety about the move

It’s vital to acknowledge the impact of moving on your cat. Cats are highly sensitive to environmental changes, and a move can significantly stress them out. Cats can exhibit signs of anxiety, such as hiding more than usual or changes in eating habits, when their routine is disrupted. This makes finding a cat sitter who can maintain as much normalcy as possible during the move imperative.

Start Your Search Early

Beginning your search for a cat sitter early is crucial. This gives you ample time to find someone who truly understands and connects with your pet. Look for sitters through reputable sources like trusted pet care apps, veterinary recommendations, or personal referrals from fellow cat owners. This approach broadens your options and gives you enough time to vet potential candidates thoroughly.

Secure Assistance to Maximize Your Valuable Time

Choosing the right cat sitter during a move is essential, but finding the time to do so can be challenging amidst the hectic pace of relocating. Moving is typically a busy and stressful time, with numerous tasks demanding your attention, from packing to addressing logistical challenges. However, enlisting the help of a moving broker like AmeriSafe Moving Services can alleviate much of this stress. With their extensive experience and strong relationships with fully licensed and insured motor carriers nationwide, this broker ensures a smooth and efficient moving process. This allows you more time and energy to focus on selecting the ideal sitter who understands your cat’s needs and can provide the care and comfort they require during the transition.

Check Qualifications and Experience

It’s also important to check the qualifications and experience of potential cat sitters. Ideally, they should have a background in pet care, with specific experience in handling cats. Ask for references or reviews from other cat owners to gauge their reliability and empathy towards animals. This step ensures that the person you choose will have the proper knowledge and skills to handle any cat-specific quirks and needs.

Conduct Interviews

Moreover, conducting in-depth interviews with potential sitters is crucial. During the interview, observe how they talk about cats and ask about their previous experiences with similar pet care situations. Questions could include how they would deal with a cat refusing to eat or how they handle medical emergencies. These discussions will help you understand their approach to cat care and their ability to adapt to your cat’s specific needs.

Assess Compatibility

Picture of a person who is thinking about choosing the right cat sitter.

Ideally, make your sitter visit your home at least once before the move

Also, assessing how well the sitter connects with your cat is essential. A good strategy is to have the sitter visit your home a few times before the move. Watch how they interact with your pet—does the cat seem comfortable and at ease around them? This is particularly important in multi-cat households where different cats may react uniquely to the same person. These interactions can tell you a lot about how well the sitter can handle the dynamics of multiple cats.

Discuss Specific Needs and Expectations

Next, discuss your cat’s specific needs with the sitter. This includes daily routines, feeding schedules, favorite play activities, and any medication requirements. Make sure they are comfortable and clear about every aspect:

  • Exact feeding times and the amount of food your cat needs
  • Specifics about where your cat likes to sleep or hide when stressed
  • Any signs of stress or anxiety to watch out for

This detailed information will equip your sitter to provide the best care possible, mimicking the environment your cat is accustomed to as closely as possible.

Arrange a Trial Period

Then, arranging a trial period can be incredibly helpful. Have the sitter care for your cat before the move to see how they manage all responsibilities. A trial run will ease your mind and allow your cat to adjust to the sitter’s presence and handling, making the actual move less stressful for everyone involved.

Prepare for Emergencies

Always prepare for emergencies! Discuss and document a clear plan with your cat sitter for any potential crisis, including:

  • The nearest veterinary hospital’s contact information and address
  • Your contact information and an alternative contact if you are unavailable
  • Instructions for dealing with emergencies like injuries or sudden illness

Stay Connected

Staying connected with your sitter during the move is crucial. Set up times for regular updates via texts or calls. This allows you to monitor your cat’s well-being and provides an opportunity to intervene quickly if needed.

Give Your Cat Undivided Attention When You Can

Lady pets orange tabby cat

Your attention is irreplaceable to your cat.

Even after hiring a reliable cat sitter, it’s crucial to give your cat plenty of personal attention before the move. Cats share a unique bond with their owners, one that no sitter can fully replace. This deep connection means your presence and care are irreplaceable comforts during times of change. Spending quality time with your cat before transitioning to a new environment can significantly ease their stress. Engage in your usual routines, whether playful activities, quiet cuddles, or simply being present in the same room. This reassures your cat of your continued presence and love, helping to stabilize their emotions amidst the upheaval of moving boxes and new surroundings. Maintaining this bond provides a sense of security and familiarity that only a true pet-owner relationship can offer, making the move smoother for both of you.

Taking Time Choosing the Right Cat Sitter Is Worth It

As you can see, choosing the right cat sitter during your move is about finding someone who understands cat behavior and connects well with your pet. By taking these steps, you ensure that your cat is cared for in the best possible way during a potentially stressful time. Remember, the right sitter is not just watching your cat; they provide a safe, loving environment in your absence. Trust your instincts and choose someone who feels like the right fit for your feline friend.





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