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Jay and Jill Pattiz started Pampered Pet Sitting in May 1997. Since the company’s start, cat and small animal pet sitting have been a major part of their business. Felines have been a passion of theirs for many years. Pattiz household currently has 5 cats. Jay & Jill have cats in their home for over 35 years. Chase, on the chair in the photo on right, was the unofficial feline office manager. Both Jay & Jill has been active members of Frontier Feline Fanciers Cat Club for 20 years. The Cat Club sponsors CFA Cat Shows and promotes cat pet rescues.

Cats At Home Pet Sitting Established

Seeing the need for a pet sitting firm that would specialize in cats, they formed Cats At Home Pet Sitting. Jay and Jill teamed with established professional pet sitters in the Kansas City area to bring specialized cat sitting to Johnson County, Kansas; Eastern Jackson County, Missouri; and Johnson County, Missouri.

Expanded Service Area

Our cat and small animal pet sitting network recently expanded their service area. Provide more pet lovers an opportunity to use their pet sitting services, the service area also includes parts of South Kansas City and Pettis County. In Pettis County, Missouri serves LaMonte, Sedalia and nearby areas.Blue Springs Lee's Summit Cat Sitter

Cat and Small Animal Pet Sitters

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