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Pet Sitting Business Established 

Susan was in the IT field for many years. Furthermore, she grew tired of 3 am telephone calls reporting system outages. Due to dreaming of a different life filled with the things she loved, which of course included animals!

Hence Susan left a career in Information Technology to create a pet sitting business. Her husband Bob spent the last 35 years as a fisheries management biologist. Now retired and is part of the family pet sitting business. He enjoys working harder than ever providing client’s pets lots of loving care. 

The business provides professional, compassionate care for pets in Eastern Jackson County, Missouri. Her family business now in its 8th year. As Professional Cat Sitter she found most kitties love staying at home. Furthermore, when pet parents are away, they become the focus of attention.

Love of Animals runs deepBlue Springs Lee's Summit Cat Sitter

The love of animals runs deep in the Mattucks family. Her husband Bob is a biologist and her daughter is a veterinarian. Susan has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Missouri, is a member of Pet Sitters International Susan obtained certification in Pet CPR and First Aid from PetTech

Pet Community

Most noteworthy clients have consisted of all kinds of pets. Usual cats, dogs to horses, birds, fish and farm animals!

The vital importance of the human/animal bond is based on love, mutual respect, and compassion. Therefore, caring for others is for the greater good of our community and individual lives.

Pets In Mattucks Household

Susan and Bob’s household is filled with animals. Two terrific cats – Tango and Rosie, two feisty dogs – Ginger and Penny, and around 40 chickens – Goldie, Sassafras and Lil’ Bit to name a few, have all agreed to share their country home with Susan and Bob, to which they are eternally grateful.

Our Pledge To You

Most noteworthy is our pledge to you. We will provide exceptional customer service. Above all, your beloved pet will receive the very best pet sitting experience.

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