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Feline Expertise and Passion EvidentJill Cat Sitter Chase Cornish Rex Cat Office

Huge cat lovers Jill & Jay Pattiz have enjoyed having cats in their home for 38 years. Furthermore, as cat sitters over 21 years, they have provided their clients’ cats’ lots of loving care. Currently, their family includes have 5 feline companions, and small Parrot Bird. 

Jill Pattiz Experienced Cat Sitter and Cat Fancier

Jill is President of the Kansas City Cat Club, Frontier Feline Fanciers. Most noteworthy she is involved in the Cat Fanciers Association cat shows. Jill has shown Cornish Rex cats throughout the Midwest region. Chase, the cat in the photo on the office chair, attended 2005 CFA International Cat Show.  During that show, he achieved 2nd Best  Cornish Rex Cat Award. 

Jill and Jay strong supporters of cat pet rescue organizations. Consequently, their Cat Club, Frontier Feline Fanciers, provides portions proceeds cat shows to area pet rescue organizations.

2018 Annual Cat Fanciers Association Cat Show in November feature Siamese Rescue-KC.  

Jay Pattiz, Veteran Cat Sitter and Pet Sitting Entrepreneur

Cat SittersJay has been a successful business owner for over 21 years. He is an active Pet Sitters International member. Jay has attended their annual conference for 17 years. Enjoys sharing gained expertise and knowledge with his clients and pet sitters.

Most noteworthy Jay continues to stay current on industry trends by attending workshops, seminars, and webinars.  He uses his knowledge of those trends to provide clients, and the communities they serve, a higher level of care and service.

Jay is also an active member of the Frontier Feline Fanciers Cat Club, attends cat shows.

Above all, he loves being professional cat sitter. Hence for 21 yearsJay has been providing his clients’ cats loads of tender loving care.