Cats Need Daily Visits Home Alone

Why Cats Need Daily Visits From Pet Sitter

Summer brings vacation season. Many people prefer leave their feline friends at home. Cats are independent beings. They interact with us on their own terms, but like independent older people, they need someone to check on them. Sometimes in order save money pet parents ask Pet Sitter come over only once every 2 to 3 days.

12 Reasons Why Cats Need Daily Visits

  1. Cats hide and can get hurt. Cats can find themselves in dangerous situations. We don’t know how he did it, but one of the cats we care for got himself trapped underneath a hot tub bath. Because we were visiting every day, he was “rescued” quickly, but had no access to food/water or a litter box. Fortunately, he was fine but was definitely terrified and very happy to get out when we arrived.Pet Resource Overland Park Lenexa Blue Springs Pet Sitter
  2. Cats hide illness so not become prey. Cats are sick enough to show it, they decline quickly. As Professional Pet Sitters, we are familiar with kitty behavior. We notice when things are not quite right, alert our client, and know when to take them to the Vet.
  3. Some cats refuse to use a soiled litter box. Most want daily scooping, some want more! Automatic litter box cleaners scare many cats, so they avoid the litter box. When we care for kitties, we clean the boxes every day. 
  4. Pet Sitters love pets! They will receive TENDER LOVING CARE, enjoy being pampered, and get exercise during playtime.
  5. Family and friends sometimes forget, as Professional Pet Sitters, we confirm your request for visits before you leave and send updates. We also ensure that, if required, your cat receives medications in the right dosage and at the right times.
  6. Daily Pet Sitter visits ensure you know of any interruptions in heat, air conditioning, loss of electricity that can affect your cat. We also can bring in mail, packages and newspapers, alternate lights and blinds, which provides a sense of security for your home.
  7. Just setting out a few days’ food, find sometimes one cat eats all of the food and other cat(s) gets minimal or no food. Auto-feeders can malfunction, or the battery dies, and cats are left with no food.
  8. Cats will gnaw on plants and strings. A pet sitter will notice if the cat exhibits signs of eating a poisonous plant or swallowing a string.
  9. What if you are delayed and the cat is left alone longer than you planned? If your travel plans change for any reason, we will continue caring for your pets as long as you need us so that there is no interruption in their routine.
  10. Cats like to control interaction with humans, but they do need interaction! Some become anxious when left on their own for long periods of time and feel better with a reassuring human’s visit.


  11. . Pet Sitters clean up messes. If your cat vomits near the food or water bowls, they often avoid the mess. So your cat may not eat or drink for the duration of your absence.
  12. But you’ll never even see my cat. Some pet parents tell us we’ll never see their cat, but we check on your cat and observe food and litter use noting any inconsistencies or changes in patterns. We search where they hide and make sure they are okay. Often we end up bonding with them. They realize we are ones providing theirTender Loving Care. My cat doesn’t like strangers. Even for short trips of day or two,  it’s good practice to have your Pet Sitter visit for a few short stints before a longer departure.  Likely your cat become familiar with the sitter and isn’t so stressed by your absence.  We also find that after a couple of visits, many cats who are usually shy actually come out and spend time with their Pet Sitter for cuddles, playtime and treats.

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