Pet Resources – Johnson County Missouri

Listed are national, regional, and local Pet Resources. Variety of pet resources include popular blogs, specialty websites, pet organizations, and businesses.  We hope you will find this information valuable. Our mission is to keep your pets happy and healthy!

Popular Blogs and Specialty WebsitesWoman reading to her cat

Enhance Your Feline and Small Animal Pet knowledge checkout informative blogs and websites.

Popular Blogs provide interesting insights about cats and other pets. Often contain expert cat care tips and reviews on special products and services. Some of the popular blogs can be amusing and entertaining. “Meeow Cat”  posts are usually informative with cat care tips. “Caroline’s Cats”  blog provides honest product reviews and insights from Cat Mom. The “Cat Blogosphere” provides daily blog links regarding variety cat topics. “Chirpy Cats” provides purrspective regarding DIY cat hacks, behavior training, cat time enrichment, and fun. “Purrington Post” award winner Best Cat Blogs of 2018. Features variety of Cat Lifestyle topics. Suggest you check out these blogs. Click on the linksMeeow Cat  Caroline’s Cats  Cat Blogosphere  Chirpy Cats Blog  Purrington Post

Specialty Websites great place to obtain expert pet care tips for your cat and small animal pets. Catster, former Cat Fancy Magazine,Yellow and white Cat reading book website has everything you what to know about cats. Their motto “Live with Cattitude”  Petplace website provide expert information so pets may live a happier and healthier life. PetMD is authored and approved website. Get professional expert advice regarding your pet. Vetstreet celebrates the joy pets bring into our lives. They educate pet owners about the best ways to keep their pets healthy and happy.  The Spruce Pets offers practical, real-life tips and training advice to help you care for your pet.  Vetstreet   Catster   PetMD   The Spruce Pets      Pet Place

Cat & Pet Clubs, Shows and OrganizationsPet Resource- Cat with Multiple Spots on Bench with Judge

West Central Missouri area has hosted exotic animal shows and fairs. Cat shows have been hosted in Sedalia and the Kansas City area Mo-Kan Cat Club   Frontier Feline Fanciers Kitty Cat Connection 

Pet Rescues and Shelters 

 Warrensburg area has the city-operated Old Drum & Friends Animal Shelter, which works with several foster rescue groups throughout Missouri.  There are other pet rescue groups in nearby communities.

Another Chance Cat Rescue CARR Missouri Pawsibilities Are Endless   Animal Fair   Second Chance For Pets    Old Drum & Friends Animal Shelter

Pet Resource-Veterinary Clinics

Warrensburg area has several professional Veterinary Clinics, like the Lifetime Animal Center and the Warrensburg Animal Hospital. Nearby town clinics include the  Concordia Veterinary Clinic and the Holden Animal Clinic & Supply. In Sedalia can be found the Flat Creek Veterinary Hospital and the Thompson Hills Animal Clinic. 

Lifetime Animal Center Warrensburg Animal Hospital  Concordia Veterinary Clinic   Holden Animal Clinic Flat Creek Veterinary Hospital Thompson Hills Animal Clinic

Professional Cat Groomers

In our local area, there are some professional pet groomers who provide full-service grooming for cats and other pets. We love that most veterinary clinics will provide limited grooming including nail trims. Blackwater Boarding Kennel  All Wee Dolls Pet Grooming  Holden Animal Clinic   Alpine Boarding and Grooming  Bark’n Bubbles

Pet Stores

The Warrensburg area features several stores that sell pet supplies, including the Farm n Home Stores and many local animal feed shops, veterinary clinics, hardware stores, and supermarkets. Check out links to local Pet Shops Country Pets & Ponds  Pet Lovers Lane  Northside Feed & Pet Supply