Easy Litter Box Solution Service

Rid yourself of this nasty chore!Easy litter Box Solution Cat Standing top Litter Box

Are you unable to clean for your favorite kitty cat? Or are you just tired of litter box chores?


Our Litter Box Solution is perfect for:

  • Those who are unable to clean the box properly because of injury or health issues
  • Pregnant women in danger of contracting Toxoplasmosis
  • Seniors and others for whom cleaning litter boxes is an unpleasant chore
  • People who are too busy and have no time to clean the litter box effectively
  • Cat Lovers who are just plain sick and tired of this disgusting chore

What does our astoundingly Easy Litter Box Solution include?Orange Tabby Cat Blue Pan Easy Litter Box Solution

For homes with one cat with one litter pan, we service the pan once a week.  At the scheduled time, we’ll take your litter pan (with its waste) and leave with it. We then leave you with a new litter pan with clean, fresh litter.

The following week we return with your litter pan that been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected and now contains fresh new litter. This service may be scheduled on a recurring or as-needed basis.

When your household has more than one cat, or more than one pan, or once a week is not doable, we can arrange a schedule that will suit your needs.

Kitten in litter pan Easy Solution Litter BoxWe also offer twice-a-week service. At the first visit, we thoroughly scoop the litter box(es) and clean the surrounding area. For the second visit, we deliver a new litter pan with fresh litter. We then take your dirty pan with us for cleaning and sanitizing.

You can schedule service dates that best work for you and your family. For example, we could scoop and clean on Monday, then change litter on Friday. Our service is a sure-fire solution to your litter box problem.  Added benefit: our cat sitters who provide this service will be delighted to chat and provide cat care tips!

Cost of our Cats At Home Litter Box Solution?

Because this specialty service is provided in your home, the cost depends on a few variable factors. We consider your location, the number of cats, and the number of litter boxes. When we have your full information, we will be happy to provide a price specific to you and your needs.Light Grey Kitten blue pan Easy Litter Box Solution

Service Area for our Easy Litter Box Solution? 

Easy Litter Box Solution is available in select portions of our Service Areas. Please contact us for availability and additional information. Contact Us