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As professional cat sitters, we do everything in our power to accommodate each client’s request. No two pets needs are alike, and we pride ourselves on personal, one-on-one care so your lovable furry friends will enjoy their pet sitting experience.


 Your fur baby is more than just a “pet.”

Our cat sitters know your fur baby is more than just a “pet.” They are a member of your family, your best friend and confidant. At Cats at Home Pet Sitting, we would like to make your kitty and your small pets members of our family.  


We are more than just a pet sitting company    Cat Sitters      

Our pet sitting visits are not based on time, like some other area pet sitters. Each pet has specific needs and routines, therefore our pet sitting visits are based on a flat rate, full service and quality guaranteed.

Cats at Home Pet Sitting invites you to become a member of our family.  We are interested in what you have to say, and want to communicate with you.


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Or use the contact form to the right and let us know your needs. It is our goal to respond to each message within 24 hours.


Cats At Home Pet Sitting looks forward to providing
your fur babies lots of loving care.