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Cleaning Cats’ Ears

Although cats can generally clean themselves up without help from us, there are a few places that cats cannot clean. One of those places is in the ear canal. This is becoming even more important as the spring coming upon us quickly.  With a change in climate it is...

Why Cats Purr

Do cats purr because they're happy? That's not always the case. Franny Spiefy, a cat expert on About.com, answers these and other questions in her post “The Remarkable Purr of a Cat" "Do cats purr when they are alone?" What a great question! Truthfully, I don't know...

Litter Box Issues

Having problems getting your cats to go in their litter boxes? Are you puzzled about what to do? FIRST check with your vet clinic to make sure not a medical problem. If it's not a medical problem, it's likely behavioral. It could also be the type of litter pan you're...

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